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Stevia Coffee 3 in 1
STEVIA COFFEE 3 in 1 is the first instant coffee drink with the natural sweetener Stevia.
The secret of its unique taste lies in an original recipe achieved after a long process of scientific development, experiments and degustations. This product combines in itself high quality aromatic coffee, fine cream and milk protein with the natural sweetness of Stevia. The drink has a perfect smooth taste without the typical bitterness of Stevia.

Stevia Coffee 3 in 1 contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is made of organic ingredients. It contains inulin, which is a source of natural fibers. It has a lower content of calories and carbohydrates as well as a lower glycemic index in comparison to other drinks of that kind.

Stevia Coffee 3 in 1
is suitable for everyone especially for those who must not or do not want to consume sugar of artificial sweeteners; for those who have excessive weight gain and those who lead a healthy way of life.

This instant coffee drink is available in two varieties:

- containing more sweetness.

- containing more coffee and less sweetness.

Stevia Coffee 3 in 1
is the ideal choice for good mood, active and healthy way of life! We recommend a moderate daily intake of two cups of coffee which is enough to make you feel lively and full of energy all day long.